• "Dr. Bhatia and her staff are very professional, organized and friendly. Physically the office is always very clean and well kept. I would highly recommend Dr. Bhatia to any friends or family member without hesitation. Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding."
    Anna Ali
  • "My name is Helena and I am 18years old. I have been self conscious of my teeth my entire life. I had a very big gap inbetween my two front teeth and crooked bottom teeth. I started my Invisalign treatment in July 2010 and completed in April 2011. I am very happy with the results! Iget compliments all the time now about how nice my tetth look. I am so happy I found Dr. Bhatia who helped me finally straighten out my teeth. Dr. Bhatia was completely honest with me from the start and I appreciate that so much.
    Everyone that works in this office is nothing but nice. Everyone remembers your name and everything going in your life which makes it almost fun to go to the dentist's office.
    I would recommend Invisalign from Dr. Bhatia to anyone who's looking to have beautiful smile that they are proud of! Thank you so much Dr. Bhatia!!"
    Helena Habib
  • "By far this the best dentist I ever had. They take good care of you. This is my best teeth cleaning and filling. GREAT WORK! THUMBS UP to the dentist."
    Denton Hackshaw
  • "I’m very happy to be in the doctors care. I know Monika for almost 8 yrs. She is the most gentle person. If every one was like her this world would be a “ Wonderful world”."
    Marie McQuillan
  • "Dr. Monika Bhatia has been my dentist for about 2 years. In that time I have found her to be caring, thoughtful, patient and very skillful and committed to the craft of dentistry. I will recommend her without reservation to my family, friends, and members of my congregation in Westbury. Her hands have been blessed by God. I’m happy to have her as my dentist."
    Pastor J Lamar
  • "I really like Dr. Bhatia. She is the kind of dentist I wish I had when I had my first dentist appointment with another dentist. I like her because she always start a good conversation about teeth. She is really nice. Her & her helpers are a great help to me & my mom plus my sister. I want to be a dentist when I grow up because of her."
    Anvita Bhaskara
  • "Many Thanks! I’m eating steaks with no issues after 5 years. You did a really great job which 3 dentists failed from Oklahoma to Connecticut."
    Naveen Prasadam
  • "I found honesty, truthfulness and gentleness in Dr. Bhatia’s office. I love to recommend her to my friends and relative’s. I personally, strongly appreciate the way she treated me. God Bless"
    Wahab S. Hessam
  • "Visiting Dr. Bhatia’s office and getting the treatment has always been a pleasant experience. The office has a pleasing environment with friendly people. Dr. Bhatia has been a wonderful doctor providing not only the best of the treatment but also, a soothing touch. Her proficiency gets reflected by the fact that she lets the patient know as to what is happening and comforts the patient with her skills and pleasing personality. Overall, a great experience with my recommendations any given day."
    Sushant Kumar
  • "My experience in this office has been very wonderful. Dr. Bhatia’s staff is very friendly, helpful in understanding all of my needs. They have been very helpful. I am confident in my smile. Again, I feel wonderful and confident in recommending anyone to be her patient."
    Shanta Churaman
  • "My experience with Dr. Bhatia’s office has consistently been very pleasant. All the staff are very helpful & friendly. I receive calls from the office to remind me if my appointments & also to answer any of my questions. I am also very comfortable with the treatment process. Dr. Bhatia always makes sure that she not only takes care of the current treatment but also any new process required to be taken care of & does it all to my fullest satisfaction. They all make sure that we are called in as close to our scheduled time as possible, with out making us wait for too long, which I really appreciate. I have recommended Dr. Bhatia to a few of my friends & I would always do so."
    Pritha Gopalswamy
  • "I was completely satisfied with today’s visit, of getting my tooth pulled. The staff made me feel very comfortable. I felt absolutely no pain. It was a lot easier than I had anticipated."
    Bobby Fryer
  • "Dr. Bhatia fixed my upper chipped tooth. Now when I smile, I feel pretty. I am not self-conscious. Also, the staff is very nice and helpful. Dr. Bhatia has gentle hand when she works on my teeth and I don’t feel scared when she works on them."
    Aditi S. Patel
  • "I am presently a patient of Dr. Bhatia and have the utmost confidence in her for any dental related procedures I may require. My initial experience with her office/staff was due an emergency approx 2 years ago. During that time Dr. Bhatia corrected the problem through a few appointments and the pain experienced was minimal. I know her education/training/experience make her an excellent dentist. I will continue to use her office as my primary dental facility."
    Chris Karahalis

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